More Bang for your Buck on #GivingTuesday

More Bang for your Buck on #GivingTuesday

Lately we’ve been taking time to focus on what’s good in the world. For Ho Etsu, that starts with you, the people who make it possible for us to spread the joy of taiko.

2016 was a banner year. We played for more people than ever and visited parts of the country we’d never seen. We met long-time taiko enthusiasts and drumming newbies alike, and brought strangers together through the music we love.

Now, we want to keep the momentum going. That’s where you come in.

Ho Etsu is all volunteer. That means your entire donation goes toward helping our group grow – finding inspirational musicians to host workshops, repairing our equipment, or buying new instruments to add texture to our sound. Here are some examples of what your donation might fund:

  • $10 buys one performer a new hachimaki (traditional headband)
  • $25 replaces a pair of broken drum sticks
  • $50 covers a month of drum insurance
  • $100 gets a fresh carrying case for our drums
  • $250 equals a new happi coat from Japan
  • $500 re-skins one of our older drums
  • $1,000 means a brand-new taiko for the group

To donate, visit our online donation page and enter any amount that feels meaningful to you. Then give yourself a hug from us. Your encouragement and support are what motivate us to keep playing and spreading the joy of taiko to new audiences around the region.

Thanks for Your Donation!

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