Edo Bayashi

thoughts about our journey to learn EDO BAYASHI


Edo Matsuri Bayashi, or Edo Bayashi for short, refers to the 300 year old traditional festival music of historic Tokyo. “Edo” is the name for Tokyo under rule of the Tokugawa Shogunate (1603 – 1868), “Matsuri” translates to festival and “Bayashi” refers to a musical ensemble. With its complex interlocking rhythms and festive quality, Edo Bayashi helps to inform much of the cultural and aesthetic foundation behind North American taiko.

Over a three month period, Ho Etsu studied this rich musical heritage and, with the help of our friend and mentor Eien Hunter-Ishikawa, we learned the basic Edo Bayashi repertoire. This effort culminated in a 6-day residency with the acclaimed master of the tradition, Kyosuke Suzuki.

Throughout the process, we recorded our progress, thoughts and insights here in this blog. We invite you to follow our journey!