In 2017, Ho Etsu celebrated our 20th anniversary with an intimate show at The Hideout, a legendary Chicago music venue. Our long-time music mentors Shoji Kameda and Mas Baba of On Ensemble joined us onstage, along with guest artist Ken Yasui. This is the video of our live performance of Lion Chant, an original composition by Shoji Kameda.

  • Title: LION CHANT
  • Composed by: Shoji Kameda
  • Venue: The Hideout
  • Filmed by: Mike Chu & Joseph Lim
  • Sound Engineer: Ben Standage
  • Editor: Joseph Lim


Shoji Kameda of On Ensemble and Jason Matsumoto created the music and Tiana Pyer-Pereira provided the lyrics resulting in PARALLAX. This video captured our first performance of Parallax during our ROTATIONS concert in 2015.

  • Title: PARALLAX
  • Composed by: Shoji Kameda & Jason Matsumoto
  • Lyrics by: Tiana Pyer-Pereira
  • Venue: The Athenaeum Theater
  • Videography: Full Spectrum Features
  • Sound Engineer: Ben Standage
  • Editor: Tracy Pitts
  • Lighting Design: Sarah Ayako

Swimming in the space between
starlit traces
all the worlds we built in dreams
frozen places

falling fire grows cold and dense –
drowsing ember
did we speak in future tense?
can’t remember

Falling fire
Falling higher

Swimming in the space between
starlit traces
all the worlds we built in dreams
frozen places

Swimming in the space between
starstruck oceans
all it was and once it seemed
sweet slow motion

Falling fire
Falling higher

Rotations Concert Recap

In October 2015 Ho Etsu collaborated with On Ensemble to produce ROTATIONS – a Taiko concert featuring pieces composed by members of both groups. We  performed Rotations at the historic Antheneaum Theater and this video captures excerpts from our two shows.

  • Title: ROTATIONS – A Cinematic Recap
  • Compositions by: members of Ho Etsu Taiko & On Ensemble
  • Venue: The Antheneaum Theater
  • Filmed by: Full Spectrum Features
  • Sound Engineer: Ben Standage
  • Editor: Tracy Pitts
  • Lighting Design: Sarah Ayako

Rotations Promotion Video

Promotional video for our October 2015 concert: ROTATIONS.

About Rotations

Shoji Kameda and Jason Matsumoto speak about the preparations for and the significance of the ROTATIONS concert.

Y-Portraits: Awakening

“Y-PORTRAITS: Awakening” is a collaboration of three unique art forms; classical harp, taiko and interpretive dance. The collaboration was made under the direction of MOZAWA – a Chicago-based incubator advancing collaborative art and artists.​

  • Title: Y-PORTRAITS: Awakening
  • Director: Matthew Ozawa
  • Performed by: Chicago Harp Quartest, Mozawa, Ho Etsu Taiko
  • Venue: Midwest Buddhist Temple
  • Filmed by: Julia Fuller, Eugene Sun Park, Fred Frederiksen
  • Sound: Kayla Ginsburg, Fred Frederiksen
  • Editor: Julia Fuller

Collaboration with Irish Musicians

In 2015 we collaborated with Irish musicians for a benefit performance. It was exciting to see how the lyrical music of Paddy Homan, Dennis Cahill and Teresa Shine would mesh with the rhythms of Taiko. This video captures several rehearsal sessions leading up to the performance.


In July 2012 Ho Etsu Taiko celebrated its 15th anniversary by self-producing a concert entitled HANABI. We were honored to have Nagata Shachu and Kristy Oshiro join us for this special performance. This video captures two original pieces from that performance.

  • Composed by: Jason Matsumoto (4 lines from Atsumari were shared with Ho Etsu by Taiko Project from Los Angeles)
  • Venue: Logan Center for the Arts

Earth & Sky

For our 2012 concert, HANABI, we were joined on stage by Kristy Oshiro of Sacramento Taiko Dan. This is the video of Kristy’s original composition: EARTH & SKY.

  • Title: EARTH & SKY
  • Composed by: Kristy Oshiro
  • Performed by: Kristy Oshiro, Heidi Chan, Jason Matsumoto
  • Venue: Logan Center for the Arts
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