Many Thanks

Over the years Ho Etsu has been fortunate to have worked with many talented artists. We are grateful for their contributions to our growth as a performing ensemble.

Artistic Collaborators:

On Ensemble (website)
Mozawa (website)
Fused Music Ensemble (website)
Nagata Shachu (website)
Tiffany Tamaribuchi (website)
Kristy Oshiro (website)
The Chicago Harp Quartet (website)
Paddy Homan (website)
Dennis Cahill (website)
Akira & Raiya Katogi (website)


Eugene Park (website)
Julia Fuller (website)
Tracy Pitts
Joe Lim (website)

Stage Management:

Sarah Ayako

Sound Engineering:

Ben Standage (website)


Pratik Shah
Nathan Lee
Lee Sam (website)
George Nagata
Ron Miyamura
Dave Sameshima
Tony Miyafuji
Brad Eyster
Rebecca Ciprus
Kelsey Volkmann
Todd Harris
Christine Humbach