Ho Etsu Equity Statement


Ho Etsu Equity Statement

organized people + organized money = collective power

Like you, we are seeing this. We are seeing the fatal symptoms of white supremacy and other forms of oppression in our country and around the world. We are asking ourselves, “What can we do with the collective power we hold as a taiko ensemble?” We have realized that this collective power can be used both to make taiko music and to help dismantle oppressive forces that exist in ourselves, our communities, and our country.

We are committing to sustained action that lasts far beyond the immediate moment. Over time, we want to redefine our group’s systems and processes to ensure that our activities are aligned with fostering equity across all dimensions. While acknowledging that there is much to be done, we will begin with the following:

    • SELF-REFLECTION: We are committing to meet twice a month to explore the historical creation and perpetuation of white supremacist ideals in the United States. This story of racism in our country is as old as the country itself. We will go deep into our shared history, with an eye to understanding how these systems and ideals have shaped our whole lives. Pairing historical and personal reflection will help us confront and dismantle our own internalized biases.

    • DIRECT ADVOCACY: As we learn and reflect, we will continue to participate in events that promote equity and justice, including protests, rallies, and performances. Through close collaboration with social justice organizations and action-oriented community groups, we will form deep coalitions that align with our mission and that sustainably engage our members, students, and audiences in the continuing fight for equity.

    • FINANCIAL EQUITY: Ho Etsu will increase its performing fees by 15% and request that our corporate and institutional clients directly donate this increased fee to one of a pre-approved list of local organizations that build equity, justice and liberation. We are also codifying that at least 75% of all vendor expenses per annum be contracted directly with women, BIPOC or LGBTQ-owned businesses.

We do not have all the answers, and there are many other solutions we will continue to explore. We also know that we are not alone in this fight. This is a community endeavor, and there is power in collective action. We encourage you to reach out (email anabel@hoetsu.com) to learn more about our thinking, to share your questions or to give feedback.


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