HO ETSU TAIKO | Support Ho Etsu Taiko
Ho Etsu is a non-profit organization.
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Giving Campaign

Complete your Donation

Click the button indicating your desired donation amount, or click “Enter Amount” to give what you can. You will then be sent to a secure PayPal page to complete your donation. Here’s what your donation will support:


  • $10 buys one performer a new hachimaki (traditional headband)
  • $25 replaces a pair of broken bachi (drum sticks)
  • $50 covers a month of drum insurance
  • $100 gets a fresh carrying case for our drums
  • $250 equals a new happi coat from Japan
  • $500 re-skins one of our drums
  • $1,000 means a brand-new taiko drum


Ho Etsu is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization, so your donation amount is tax deductible. After the donation is processed, we will send you an acknowledgement for your records.


Thank you for your donation. Your support is deeply appreciated!

Select your amount:

Enter your own amount:


We appreciate your support!