2017 Giving Campaign

2017 Giving Campaign

Spreading the Joy of Taiko

The turn of the year invites us to reflect on all we’ve accomplished in the last twelve months and to take stock of how far we’ve come. In 2017 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary, released our first CD, collaborated with some amazing musicians, and composed new pieces for new instrumentation and expanded our audience.

With your help we can keep the momentum going

In 2018, Ho Etsu will broaden our musicianship and rededicate ourselves to taiko’s roots. We welcome Suzuki-sensei, a master taiko player from Tokyo’s “Wakayama Shachu”, who will teach us a style of drumming that originates in Medieval Japan. This special training opportunity will require a huge investment of effort and resources (translating original Japanese sheet music, holding remote ‘workshops’ via Skype and producing a series of small concerts during Suzuki-sensei’s time in Chicago). Please consider supporting our mission in 2018 with a kind donation.

complete your donation below

Click the button indicating your desired donation amount, or click “Enter Amount” to give what you can. You will then be sent to a secure PayPal page to complete your donation. Here’s what your donation will support:

  • $10 prints one translated copy of sheet music
  • $25 replaces a pair of broken drum sticks (this happens more often than you think)
  • $50 covers a remote Skype training session
  • $100 gets us a new instrument stand for our drums
  • $250 equals a new happi coat from Japan
  • $500 re-skins one of our drums
  • $1,000 means a brand-new taiko drum

Donation Notes:

  • Ho Etsu is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization. After the donation is processed, we will send you an acknowledgement for your records.

  • Do you want to make sure Ho Etsu receives your FULL donation amount? For online donations, we incur a 3% processing fee. If you’d like to cover this fee here’s how. Click the “Enter Amount” button and enter your donation amount with the additional 3% (e.g., a $250 donation would become $257.50 – or $250 x 1.03).

  • Another way to make sure Ho Etsu receives your FULL donation is to go analog! Send a check made out to “Ho Etsu Taiko” to 435 W Menomonee, Chicago 60614.


We appreciate your support!

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