Behind the development of emergent

Behind the development of emergent


While our emergent tour is on hold and we’re staying safe at home just like you, we welcome you to take a look behind the year-long development of our show. In a series of Instagram and Facebook posts we share some highlights of our journey leading up to our premier concert at the University of Notre Dame in January. You can even view some videos of that concert (to give you some Taiko enjoyment until we’re able to safely restart our tour.)

To follow this series go to either our Instagram or Facebook pages. Start by finding the first post in the series which is the crazy white-board (our concept development session) and work your way forward to the Notre Dame videos.



We hope you enjoy this look behind the scenes and please stay safe until we can gather again and enjoy emergent. If you want to learn a little more about our show you can also visit our emergent concert page.

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