Interview: Jason Matsumoto, Ho Etsu’s Director

Interview: Jason Matsumoto, Ho Etsu’s Director


Ho Etsu Taiko – November 2016

Interview: Jason Matsumoto

JasonEien Hunter-Ishikawa recently interviewed our Director, Jason Matsumoto. It’s a fascinating discussion ranging from Ho Etsu (its history, development and future projects) to the “Orange Story” (Jason’s current film project about the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII). To listen to the interview, click the following link. Interview: Jason Matsumoto talks taiko, his film project, collaboration, and the new CD

About Eien Hunter-Ishikawa

Eien-BWEien Hunter-Ishikawa is a musician and educator based in Portland, Oregon specializing in drumset, taiko, percussion, and shinobue. Born in Japan, his passion for drumming started at an early age through the involvement of a youth taiko ensemble directed by Saburo Mochizuki, a founding member of Tokyo’s pioneering taiko ensemble Sukeroku Daiko.

Among his many interests, Eien publishes a Blog featuring the thoughts and works of Taiko artistisans from diverse backgrounds. To learn more about Eien and to hear some of his interviews visit his website:

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