The Ho Etsu/Mozawa Connection – April 2016

The Ho Etsu/Mozawa Connection – April 2016


Ho Etsu Taiko – April 2016

The Ho Etsu/Mozawa Connection

Directors Matthew Ozawa (Mozawa) and Jason Matsumoto (Ho Etsu) were first introduced to each other during the winter of 2014. Ozawa’s interest in combining artistic mediums fit very well with Matsumoto’s desire to find new collaborative partners for Ho Etsu and the collaboration continues to develop. In February of 2016, Matsumoto was part of Mozawa’s “covers” project in which 3 artists from entirely different mediums are given a song and a single afternoon to come up with an entirely new interpretation of the original. For Mozawa’s Y-Portraits 2.0 in April, a curation of art across a wide spectrum included Ho Etsu’s latest music video for Parallax, a composition that was debuted at Ho Etsu’s 2015 ROTATIONS concert and will be released to the public very soon! Stay tuned, there will surely be more art coming out of the Ho Etsu-Mozawa connection.


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